You have softened my heart like the spring
thaws out the ice. How hard I was.
How impenetrable and obscure I made myself.
To myself. With every postulation, every clause
I sought from the world, I built around me a wintry, stubborn thing.

A wintry reasoning, like the frost
that coats and kills October flowers,
I used it as naturally as the seasons
just so that budding hope, and divine showers
were chilled, and killed alike; both quickly lost.

A stubborn denial, like an ice sheet
over the lake, hardening
in cold wind, against the sun. So when the rays of light
shone bright upon me, I denied them, my senses shunting
in peculiar fear; Not knowing the crack under my feet.

But the light of spring grows in mysterious ways
beyond my knowing:embracing my foolish, fearful self,
it shone through melting frost and ice in ever growing days.

Stubborn no longer, thus filled with warmth of loving Sun
I fell through ice and drowned.
What frigid horror woke me then, how death did stun.

I died, my body thawed into the lake.
Now pull me up, and by Your rays I'll wake.



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