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>I wonder how you read my words with little sounds that flood the air;
>clickety click, clickety click.
>I hear the sound of information, thoughts, desire and lies
>flowing in and out of space;
>From the room to the server to the unknown face.

>I wonder, too, how your words become so true and earnest
>when it has been through cables, in electronic pulses.
>When it has been through so much intercession.

>I fall for your words, and in a way I fall for your person through the screen.

>Clickety click our heartbeats sound in peculiar harmony across vast distance;
>connected and conflated through our common hands and eyes.

>Now through the screen we love and know each other.

>clickety click
>clickety click
>thus our hearbeats, pulses, meanings move from one to the other.

>Do you love me?
>My fingers ask your screen.

>You smile and with your fingers show your heart.

>Then God decides to intervene.
>A lightning storm, a fused circuit is all there is
>in His revelation.

>Without electricity, we both die.


7th March 2000