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Here at the computer I sit in the dark.
Bitmaps and pixels,
Shining and glowing,
Blinding my eyes like a spark.

Nothing exists for my eyes but the light
From the screen, and my hands and my face can be seen
In the screen, nothing else is in sight.

My mind gets numb from the tapping and blinking of lights and fingers.

Hypnotic fingers,
tiring light.
Nothing else is in sight
But my hands and my face in the screen.

My hands and my face in the screen
Are nowhere in sight,
only hypnotic fingers and tiring light.

Bitmaps and pixels,
Shining and glowing
Hands and face,
Glowing and shining,
growing and shivering
Hands and face.

growing in the screen, only to be seen,
Hypnotic light and tiring fingers.
My gaze on the screen lingers


on the growing face and hands,
Glowing and Shining
Reaching out as I touch the screen.

The hypnotic fingers they reach out to me.
The face smiles, and becomes two.


the dark stark behind me, in the screen is pressing me.


I turn
I try to turn
THERE,In the blinking

I turn to the screen
Nothing else is in sight
but the hypnotic, tiring light.


No face in the screen.


Slowly, I bring up my fingers to feel
Shrieking, warm, wetness,
Of nothingness.