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BLEU PAPILLON: Why such a peculiar, uncommon, even 'un-masculine' identification?

Several reasons, and they pertain to the person in a personal way.


The butterfly has always been an object of wonder and amazement for him. He was first struck by its stunning beauty, the myriad of colours and patterns. Nevermind if they are fluttering over flowers, or massing around a dirty, damp, algae-ridden waterpipe; they are gems of creation, mysterious in their papery flight, precious in their fragile beauty. As a child, he scrutinized their water-coloured likeness in "learn about insects" and ignorantly tore their scaly wings in catching them. The fascination became meaningful as he grew up. For the butterfly's fragile beauty and freedom of flight are the qualities he seek.


Blue is the essence of his life. For blue is the endless sky on a clear, tropical day; the endless ocean stretching into the 

 horizon and into the unseen depths. The seeming infinity of the sky and ocean gives hope and possibilities to this hopeless world. Blue is the cool of water and the freshness of air. Blue is the calm and the silent, throbbing with deep rhythms echoing into infinity.

And so the blue butterfly became his symbol.




David Toh Hui Han

Born on the 8th of December 1977
On the island state of Singapore

Having lived and breathed and grown
for more than 20 years, he stands at a current height of
176cm. Not that it is a very relevant piece of information anyway!

At the moment he is an English and Geography
Even as he enjoys the beauty of art and nature, his goal in life
is the perpetuation of knowledge, skill, and the joy of learning.

His immense interest in flora and fauna is complemented by an enjoyment
of music, painting, poetry and other less pretentious stuff. There are
too many details that can only beg for your exploration of
these pages.
Despite being a domestic recluse half the time, he has a love
for water. And since he acknowledges the benefits of
being fit and healthy, what better synthesis of
the two than swimming?



David once thought of himself as a neurotic,
finding his interests and attitudes in life considerably
different from those of his peers. At points, he even questioned
the importance of friends, thinking that a world alone, surrounded by
nature, was perfect. He only realised, as he grew, that no man is an island,
and that despite his social inadequacies, his friends and loved ones are precious
to him.

His philosophies in life cannot be said to be mainstream, yet he still considers them
to be simple, unrevolutionary. Such are the times, when little seems original.
He believes, for instance, that there is a God whose love and mercy towards His
children (i.e you and I) is embodied by a certain cruel crucifixion that took place
2000 years ago.

At the same time, he maintains an attitude of bemusement at such things as feminism.
Not that he is what people call a male chauvinist pig, but his reasoning is that the
fury of women is mostly rooted in the irresponsibility of men; at the same time,
men of this present age have become confused with what women want. The Hollywood hero or the SNAG? Or the caveman? 

There are many things that compose this person and his life.
Some of them can be found in these pages.

Others, will have to be heard from
the horse's mouth.